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Over 300 BYOPD participants during the CERN Open Days

During the CERN Open Days last weekend we had over 300 participants in our Build Your Own Particle Detector competition and thousands of people passing through our tent. It was quite amazing.

(c) Nanni Darbo

We will announce the winners and post some pictures hopefully within a week or so.

In the mean time you still have the chance to upload a picture of yourself in front of the ATLAS model on our Facebook page to take part in our t-shirt raffle.

CERN Open Days 2013 – half time

One day gone, one to come!

Saturday was amazing! We had hundreds of people passing by looking at the ATLAS LEGO models, watching the videos and discussing with the physicists around. We had over 140 participants in the Build Your Own Particle Detector competition, with ages ranging from four to almost 60 years.

We hope to many many more today and will try to announce the winners as soon as possible via email an on this page (but expect it to take about a week or so).

Also remember to put a picture of you and the ATLAS model on our Facebook page (and maybe even like it) to support us and to have the chance to win e.g. some ATLAS t-shirts.

We’re looking forward to yet another exciting day!

Just one example of one of the many detector models made on Saturday.

Just one example of one of the many detector models made on Saturday.

CERN Open Days 2013

The final adjustments to our extremely nice ATLAS LEGO tent have just finished.

On about 50 square meters there are three large tables covered by about 30 kilograms of random LEGO pieces, both ATLAS LEGO models on display, various posters about the models and physics on the walls, a large 2×2 46″ video wall showing the model-vs-detector-timelapse video and more … it’s going to be fun!

It’s best you pass by for yourself to have a look  🙂

CERN Open Days, Geneva, 28/29 September 2013

Getting ready for the CERN Open Days

Only ten days left until the doors open for the 2013 CERN Open Days.


Over the weekend 28/29 September 2013, BYOPD will be part of the ATLAS activities in its own tent behind The Globe of Science and Innovation. We have recruited 42 helpers that will help to manage the competition and talk about physics and the ATLAS experiment at the same time.

The ATLAS model(s) will be on display and we’ll show various movies related to ATLAS and the model(s) on a large screen throughout the weekend.

Each day, we’ll be there from 9:00 to 20:00.