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Higgs on Bricks

The ATLAS LEGO model has found the Higgs, or in fact recent Nobel Prize winner Peter Higgs has found the ATLAS LEGO model. As part of his visit to the University of Manchester, were he received an honorary doctorate degree yesterday evening, Peter Higgs signed the original ATLAS LEGO model, which was brought to Manchester and rebuild by local students the days before.

It is a great honour, certainly a long-lasting memory of this moment and a kind support for our outreach project.

Thank you Peter Higgs and congratulations for both the honorary doctorate degree and of course the Nobel Prize


All images © Craig Strong

CERN Open Days – Winners

It’s time to give out some prizes and announce the winners of our CERN Open Days BYOPD competition. We had an international jury of ATLAS physicist look at all the models and pick their favourites. In addition we have one audience award winner and some prizes for people that took part in the “me and the model” – competition on Facebook.

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Getting ready for Kulturnatten 2013

While still working on the CERN Open Days competition, we are slowly preparing for this year’s Kulturnatten, taking place in Copenhagen this Friday (11 October 2013) from 6pm to midnight.

Once again we’ll have the ATLAS LEGO models on display and a BYOPD competition going along with it. Feel free to pass by and have a look or even take part with your own design.

We’ll be giving out prizes for the best designs and have an ATLAS t-shirt raffle for those of you posting a picture of you and the ATLAS LEGO model on our Facebook page.

Check out the Open Days models

Now you can find the pictures of all 313 models in the competition on our web site (Saturday and Sunday) and on Facebook (Saturday and Sunday). While the winners of the jury competition will be determined soon, you can already get your friends and fans to like your (favourite) model on Facebook to win the audience award! You are welcome to like more than one model. The one model with the most likes gets the prize.

To get feeling of the atmosphere you can check out some general pictures of the event.


Sample selection of models in the competition.