2019-09 CERN Open Days

We were part of the 2019 CERN Open Days 14/15 September at both at Point 1 – ATLAS and Point 5 – CMS on both Saturday and Sunday.
At ATLAS we have another crowded BYOPD competition and at CMS visitors could build and take home a CMS micro model.

Here is some impressions, all contributions from Saturday and Sunday, and our winners!
Congratulations and thank to everyone and especially our winners whom we will contact by email soon.






The winners can choose from the following items and we’ll try to distribute as best as possible.

Please state your prioritised list of single items you would like to have (state your size for clothing and language for books).
Note there is also kids t-shirts and fleeces, and only the pop-up and colouring books exist in English and French.
All of you should get a colouring book and a bag.