ATLAS LEGO model – Construction manual – Remarks

To get started on the construction of the model, here is some general remarks.

  • Patience young Skywalker, patience! – you will need it!
  • It turned out to be a good idea to sort the delivered pieces by colour and optionally between tiles and bricks (three times as high as as tiles) as well. It is tedious at the beginning and will consume a good fraction of the construction time, but it will speed up you brick search significantly in the end.
    It turned out, when ordering through ATLAS, you’ll get the pieces sort by kind.
  • Please be sure you have enough time to build the model! It took in total 33 hours for someone who knew where pieces belong, so it might / will take longer for most other people.
  • During construction, try to place the model on a table accessible from all sides. Or even two tables, that you can access it from below at late stages of the build.
  • This model was designed in an iterative approach. Therefore some pieces are not chosen entirely by logic or best fit, but by the shear fact that they represent the simplest (in terms of not modifying the whole model again) solution to a bug / problem.
  • Once you built a version of the model, put one of the labels provided below next to the exhibit and send me an email about the location and duration of the exhibition (see above).
  • In case you cannot figure out a specific piece/placement, it can pay off to continue with the clip for a few seconds: you might get an idea from one of the following camera angles.
  • You might have some missing/wrong pieces. Please use the usual LEGO customer support along with your ordering details (on/in the shipping box) to get them replaced.