ATLAS LEGO model – Construction manual

The ATLAS model features all main components of the real ATLAS detector: the innermost Pixel Detector (green); the Semiconductor Tracker (red) and Transition Radiation Tracker (brown); the Electromagnetic (orange) and Hadronic Calorimeter (blue and black); the magnet system (dark grey); and the Muon Spectrometer (white).

Words used throughout the manual:

  • one unit length
    the typical width of one inter-connecting stud, or the distance between two of them (for that matter)
  • brick
    the standard height piece, can be assembled out of three tiles (plates) of the same width and length
  • tile (plate)
    a flat piece that has a size a third of a brick

Here are all links necessary:

Sebastien Ponce created a construction manual in PDF form which you can download here.
I’ve only (half-)tested it once and it does have a few issues/mistakes we haven’t been able to fix yet!!