ATLAS LEGO model – Gallery

The first model was built at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Here are some pictures from the construction that span several evenings/days.

Here are some great pictures from Milano, where the model has been built at INFN and was part of several exhibitions already.

In Lisbon they also built the model in 2012, here are some images from there.

One picture from the high energy physics group at Carlton University after they finished their model.

The University of Bonn has made a nice little collection of pictures during their first construction in late 2012. The last image is by Volker Lanner. You can find a detailed diary of the build on their web site.

The University of Göttingen took some pictures and made a nice movie about their public construction during the “Nacht des Wissens” (Night of Knowledge) in late 2012.

At University of Manchester we built the model together with some (under)grad students.

A proud team of ATLAS model builders at the Weizmann Institute (Israel).

Some more pictures from the construction at McGill University Canada (© Annabelle Chuinard).

University of Arizona also made a short time-lapse movie.