ATLAS LEGO model – Construction manual – F.A.Q.

To answer some of your questions in advance …

  • Can I order the pieces from/through you?
    Maybe and no! If you are a member of the ATLAS collaboration, it’s a maybe (contact me). If you are an outsider, it’s definitely a no!
  • Can you assist me in building the model?
    Yes, I’ll gladly do so, if you pay the tickets and the hotel 🙂
  • Did you earn any money from/with this?
    No. Please do not ask why!
  • What do I do with extra/remaining pieces?
    Please consider sending them back to me. I am serious! Thanks!
  • What can I do when I cannot figure out a specific step/piece?
    First of all, try to continue watch the according clip. Often you can get the solution to your problem from a later camera angle. Finally you can drop me an email and I’ll try to add more specific hints on this webpage.
  • Who payed for the model(s)?
    The first model was financed from the outreach budget of the High Energy Physics group at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. The model used to make the construction manual videos, was payed by the ATLAS Collaboration.
  • Why do some pieces make no sense to me?
    The model was designed in an iterative process, so some pieces have been replaced to fix bugs of an earlier stage and created weird (non-optimal) configurations. Some flaws might even be still in the model described here. Let me know if you find them.