ATLAS LEGO model – Construction manual – Barrel assembly

The construction of the barrel part is split up in two clips.

  • make sure the two sectors without ‘light grey brick 1×2 cross hole’ point the right way and are next to each other
  • check with the final model how many ‘dark grey brick 4×4 round’ pieces you need in between two of the seven wheels
  • you case use the white tiles from the Muon Spectrometer to build a stabilising structure as shown in the clip
  • never mind some sacking when setting the first two wheels in place (see clip), usually the can be re-adjusted quite easily
  • for the innermost ring (added a individual pieces with the grey bricks in the bottom), make sure you alternate the pieces around the actual wheel (see later part of the video)
  • when inserting the inner barrel centre, make sure the centre of the inner part is aligned to the centre of the middle wheel
    the grey bricks of the lower innermost ring should sit left or right of the centre (depending on the side of the lower part of the innermost ring) and not centred in the middle (see image, where the grey bricks sit off centre on the right)
  • the middle light grey pillar at the top, should be centred at the top of the inserted part
  • the distance between two light grey pillars is six units

  • depending on skills and finger size 🙂 it can be advantageous to add the barrel muon chambers (white tile in muon assembly video) in the barrel part already while setting the frames together

There is in total 16 toroid magnet coil end-caps, one at each side of all eight toroid coils. They each consist of 42 pieces.

Description Quantity
black cross rod 2 2
black cross rod 6 1
black joint fork cross rod 2
black joint stump cross rod 2
dark grey brick 4×4 round 4
dark grey tile 1×2 flat 4
dark grey tile 2×2 round 1
light grey tile 4×4 round 2
white brick 1×2 4
white brick 2×2 round quarter 6
white brick 4×4 slanted up three sides 2
white tile 1×2 6
white tile 1×2 flat 2
white tile 1×3 4
  • this piece is very ‘unstable’ (sorry for that)
  • the black rod has to sit loosely at both ends (needs to be length seven, only six and eight exist)
  • it’s best to finish the assembly of the coils on the model (as shown