The LEGO model of the ALICE experiment at CERN was designed by both high school and university students in Germany as part of a workshop series organised jointly by Christian Klein-Boesing, Marcus Mikorski and Sascha Mehlhase for and funded by the ErUM-FSP T01 “Expansion of ALICE at the LHC: experiments with the ALICE detector at CERN” and KONTAKT projects, in turn funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The workshops started back in January 2021 and after more than 100 hours of preparation during more or less weekly meetings, on the weekend around 26 June the first two models were built at the University of Münster and Goethe-University Frankfurt.

After the first construction dates now the more than 1000 pages of construction manual and the computer model itself are being revised and improved. All of this will be available here at some point …