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ALICE model 2.0

© Julia Els

Earlier this month the second iteration of the ATLAS LEGO model was built at CERN for the time.
The construction manual for this revised version is online on the BYOPD website and this particular model was built by high-school students from Liceo Gandini, Lodi (Italy) and some ALICE summer students with the invaluable help of Johannes Nienhaus and Julia Els.

All pictures © CERN / Julia Els. Find more pictures at

The ALICE experiment in 16.000 bricks

Last weekend, the time had finally come: after about six month of preparation, planing and design time in more or less weekly meetings, the model, built from over 16’000 LEGO pieces, was put together with real bricks for the first time. The construction took place both at University of Münster and Goethe-University Frankfurt. Here’s a few pictures. More details and soon also 3D models, construction manuals and parts lists are available on a dedicated ALICE LEGO model page.

EPS Outreach Prize for BYOPD

Today, it was announced that the 2021 Outreach Prize of the High Energy and Particle Physics Division of the European Physics Society (EPS) is in part awarded to Sascha Mehlhase for setting up and running the ‘Build Your Open Particle Detector’ programme, reaching in particular (though not exclusively) a very young audience.

Obviously you can find out more on these pages here and hopefully we’ll soon again be able to sit down and build plastic-brick detector models and talk about (particle) physics …