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EPS Outreach Prize for BYOPD

Today, it was announced that the 2021 Outreach Prize of the High Energy and Particle Physics Division of the European Physics Society (EPS) is in part awarded to Sascha Mehlhase for setting up and running the ‘Build Your Open Particle Detector’ programme, reaching in particular (though not exclusively) a very young audience.

Obviously you can find out more on these pages here and hopefully we’ll soon again be able to sit down and build plastic-brick detector models and talk about (particle) physics …

Build Your Own Particle Detector at Home

Given the unique situation in various countries worldwide caused by the corona pandemic, we are hosting a BYOPDatHome online / social media competition.

As usual we want you to create and name a design for a particle detector as you, your family and kids would imagine it.
Only this time we want you to post your designs on either Instagram or Twitter.

Find some more information and all the details to join the competition on the competition page.