Presents from LEGO and for you

Over the weekend we received another big box (~20 kg) of bricks that LEGO CEE Community Support kindly gave us to support our project, especially with big events coming up such as the CERN Open Days. Thanks a lot!

After sorting out hundreds of mini figures, funky massive airplane parts, and dozens of dragon heads; we now end up at a total of about 30 kg LEGO bricks to use for Build Your Own Particle Detector.

Here you see a few pictures of our current random brick collection:
The left box is what we already had, and the right box is what we just got.
In front and in between both boxes, there are all the weird parts, like dragon heads and massive airplane wings as well as hundreds of mini figures that came with the recent parcel.

And in case you might ask: we do already have ideas for the mini figures.

Also, we just received a box with giveaways for our event at CERN on 28/29 September 2013. We have prepared a little treat (hopefully) for everyone taking part in the competition.