ATLAS LEGO Challenge 2014!


The (possible, but hopefully not) final shipment of ATLAS Model lego bricks has arrived at CERN and it is now time for: ATLAS LEGO Challenge 2014!

This challenge, taking place the week of 17-21 February, will be a kind of micro-ATLAS project.
A newly formed collaboration will be charged with taking 350 kg of bricks, currently sorted by type, and re-organising them into bags and boxes for 23 large models.

This event, clearly the greatest brick adventure CERN has ever seen, will be launched on 17 Feb, at 5pm in 602-R-021 (you will be required to have CERN access).

Follow progress on Twitter, Google+, Facebook (#BYOPD) and of course here!

The call for volunteers is now open.
Please register at our event page, where you can also follow updates and get information about the event.